Jim Marland

About Jim Marland

Jim MarlandJim Marland began helping the ten largest UK companies with their communication and leadership training over 35 years ago. In those days he worked at the two leading U.K. corporate training centers that used mountains, lakes and the sea as their classroom. The effect of this experiential learning on his clients was often profound.

Those early years also included many adventures in remote parts of the world: mountaineering in Norway, Nepal, New Zealand & Kenya; sailing adventures on the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean; cycling from the UK to Afghanistan, overland travel through Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. Independent travel on a low budget among people of numerous cultures in 40 countries was experiential learning. Marland hopes that a maturing sense of international kinship with people from other parts of the world is one of the enduring results of his travels.

After immigrating to Canada in 1980, his career shifted to the Correctional Service of Canada where he served as an officer, a chaplain and a Registered Psychologist. Working with offenders and staff in the correctional settings has given Marland a deep understanding of human nature, human needs and human behaviour.

He has consulted to large and small organizations regarding their human relations. This work often involves asking leaders the right questions in order to help them find the solutions they seek. “By asking leaders the leading questions they need to consider, they come to a greater realization of, and gain a deeper insight into, their situations. Understanding what is helps achieve what could be.”

He is a regular speaker for the Canadian Business Link which broadcasts his talks over a videoconferencing network throughout Western Canada. These interactive talks provide audiences with opportunities to think about their thinking, to discuss how they talk to other people and to profit more from their daily experience.


More recently he has combined his professional career with his 40 years experience with horses. “For thousands of years, people have experienced the practical and profound contribution horses make to our lives” said Marland. He uses horses’ instinctive responses to human body language to help teach participants communication, teambuilding and leadership skills. This takes place in his new horse arena at Spruce Valley Ranch near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.

His experience in counselling psychology brings a vital contribution to his corporate training.

He provides experiences that promote better problem solving skills. As a result of his experience he believes organizations can secure a long term future for themselves, in part, by providing profound opportunities for employees.

He noted that, “Building people is the beginning of team building. Building strong teams is the beginning of building robust organizations. Robust organizations contain people who think and talk together effectively. People who think and talk together effectively don’t just happen; they are a result of deliberate, developmental training.”